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“Burn The B**ch Down To The Ground” Tonto Dikeh Burns Givenchy Bag & Sends Video To Personal Shopper Who Called Her Out For Not Paying!




So remember Thursday’s Givenchy bag drama involving Tonto Dikeh & a personal shopper Pearl Chuks who put her on blast for allegedly owing her N192,000?! READ HERE IF YOU MISSED IT

Well now you won’t believe what Tonto Dikeh did?  She burnt the bag the fake Givenchy bags (that she still did not pay for) and sent the video to Pearl through whatsapp. In the video you can hear Tonto saying, “burn the b**ch down to the ground” 

I find this disturbing! Like she’s taunting her and for me that’s just not cool…Tonto.

Watch the video & see what Pearl wafter the jump


“Lying Against Someone Younger Than You Is Disgusting”, Dencia Throws Shade At Tonto Dikeh Over Givenchy Bag Drama?!



Yesterday we told you about the personal shopper who put Tonto Dikeh on blast for owing her N192,000. The young lady also happens to be a Whitenicious reseller in Nigeria and close to owner – Dencia.

Last night the Cameroonian singer & business woman came to the defence of Pearl Chuks and may have even called actress Tonto Dikeh, out for lying. She wrote,

I hate when people know the truth but try to vilify others cuz of their platform.Lying against some1 younger than u is disgusting.

Tonto insists she did not pay for the Givenchy bag at the centre of all this drama, because she found out after receiving the bag it was not authentic but rather a replica, Pearl says Tonto was aware when she ordered it that it was a fake, she also showed text evidence which suggests Tonto chose the replica because of the higher price of an original.

Dencia also described the personal shopper as an honest young woman who is out here hustling.

See her tweets after the jump


Tonto Dikeh Responds To Woman Who Put Her On Blast For Owing Her N192K With A Noode Photo



Just this afternoon Tonto Dikeh was embroiled in a social media fight with a personal shopper called Pearl Chuks, who had accused the Nollywood star of refusing to pay for a N192,000 Givenchy bag. [READ HERE IF YOU MISSED IT]

Right in the middle of their Instagram Drama Poko shared a pic of herself in a bathtub…Topless with nothing but bubbles covering her modesty. She captioned the risqué image with a tongue out emoji…her response to her “Givenchy bag” accuser I guess….LOL


Between Tonto Dikeh & The Personal Shopper Accusing Her Of Owing Her N192k For A Givenchy Bag!



A personal shopper Pearl Chuks is putting her and Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh‘s business out in the streets. The personal shopper claims Tonto Dikeh is owing her money (N192,000) for a replica Givenchy luggage bag, the actress purchased from her. She says she has been sending Tonto endless messages, but instead the actress gave her a cheque that bounced and blocked her from her Instagram.

It all started this morning when Pearl posted a screenshot of the message she sent Tonto via DM.

Later Tonto replied with screenshots of her whatsapp conversation with the personal shopper (see the screenshots after the jump). Dikeh defended her name writing,

I Am not really the type to keep messages but am glad I did in this particular case.. A young lady claims I owe her,as a celebrity,people think it is easy to scare us with the press but am sorry not this time . After stalking my life through social media and text messages,I succumbed to ordering some items from this young lady in a way to support her business,she was truthful that she sold only not the originals and convinced me by sending messages of her previous deal with Omotola the actress n few others n I told her i didn’t want but she convinced me and since it was my younger friend’s birthday I took pity I asked for the items* When I saw these things they were so fake*I asked her to come back and take the items severally as it has been with my house manager,we have never tried to pay her and We never gave her no cheque. I know she might be pretty upset and I will forgive u but Am sorry I wouldn’t buy nothing from u and I promise no celebrity will buy from yoy… None of the message she posted online is on my phone….OK back to something better #Ps I delete in 5mins

The personal shopper then replied with screenshots of the same conversation and parts of the convo she said Tonto did not post, she also posted screenshots of her conversation with Tonto Dikeh’s Personal assistant who confirms that a cheque was paid to Pearl by Tonto.

Damn! Grab your pop corn and cold coke and settle in to read screenshots of their convo after the jump


Tonto Dikeh Acknowledges She’s Controversial But Says Its Thanks To The Media



Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh is definitely one of the most buzzed about and controversial celebs in the game.

And in a recent interview with Hip TV, Poko acknowledged she a controversial image but she said it’s only because the media portrays her that way.

She said

I am a controversial person thanks to the media but by nature, I am really not

Watch her brief interview after the jump


Clap back Season: Tonto Dikeh Versus Fan Who Told Her To “F**k Her Dogs”


Social media has made celebs more accessible to fans & a lot of fans use the opportunity to talk sh*t so they can get a reaction from them.

Like today, actress and dog lover, Tonto Dikeh posted a photo of her dogs in bed, she captioned the pic, “Good Morning Cupcakes”.

One of her followers then left a very rude comment for Tonto. He said,

Very soon that’s how you’ll soon start f**king your dogs



2Face Idibia & Tonto Dikeh Decry Poor Western Media Coverage of Kenya Terror Attack Which Killed 147 Students



095-2Face 1

On Thursday April 2nd, Somali militants burst into Garissa University College in eastern Kenya and killed 147 students.

The small group of militants, moved from dorm room to dorm room, separating Christian from Muslim students and killed the Christians by shooting them in the head.



The Look On Davido’s Face As He Works Out Is…. + Tonto Dikeh On The Ropes [Photos]



Davido & Tonto Dikeh have announced to their fans via Instagram that they are working on a new fitter lifestyle. This morning Davido shared a picture of him at the gym and his facial expression is priceless. the 22 year old is on Day 2 of a 90 Day fitness challenge and he’s going in!

Yesterday he shared a video of him on the treadmill flanked by his team.

Tonto Dikeh on her part shared a video of her doing some heavy rope training with her personal trainer Uzi Kwendu.

Watch the videos after the jump


Tonto Dikeh Throws Shade At Entertainers Who Sold Their Votes + Celebrates Buhari Win

Tonto Dike

Tonto Dike

The congratulatory messages to the President Elect are coming in fast & furious! Controversial actress Tonto Dikeh just took to social media to express her joy at General Muhammadu Buhari winning the presidential elections! She also used the medium to throw some shade!

She shared a picture of President to be – Buhari and wrote,


“Real Men Don’t Talk About Their Sexual Conquests” – Tonto Dikeh

Tonto Dike

Tonto Dike

Tonto Dikeh is talking relationships y’all!

The actress whose mysterious boyfriend Mr. X was recently revealed to be Churchill Olakunke Oladunni, took to Instagram this morning to share some wisdom about men who brag about their s*xual conquests.

Read what she wrote after the jump


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