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Peter Okoye’s Daddy’s Day Out With His Adorable Kids – Cameron & Aliona [Photos]


Peter Okoye took a break from working on some new Mr P music today when he picked up his mini me’s from school.

The adorable Okoye kids – Aliona and Cameron spent the afternoon with their dad on what he tagged #DaddysDayOut. He clearly had a lot of fun with his kids even letting their mom, Lola Omotayo, know she was missing out on the fun when he shared a pic and wrote,

@lolaomotayo you missed out Sorry!? #ProudDaddy #Daddy’sDayOut #Cameron #Aliona ?????

Gotta love men that make their kids priority!

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“Working Separately Has Improved Our Relationship”, Peter Okoye On Current State of Affairs With His Brothers

Peter Okoye is updating fans on the current state of affairs with PSquare especially since their epic fight a few weeks ago.

Peter who is also known as Mr P the solo artiste is currently in Dubai where he performed last night as a solo act said in a message to his fans that working separately has helped the relationship between his brothers and himself.

He also asked his fans to wish them all the best and to get used to their current modus operandi.

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My prayers tonight!?????? God bless my hustle and may he bless yours as well! Here I stand! And for those talking! Keep talking we would have probably married the same wife for una mind. Go and hustle for your own fuel?. This is ours. We r still together and We r both entitled to do separate project. And we are not complaining. Working this way has brought peace back to our family. God bless my hustle, your hustle, my brothers hustle all the way! Just wish us best??. Get use to it thanks for love and support fans. Peace. #MrP #MisterP #lookIntomyEyes #soundcheck #dubai #upcomingArtiste???

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Peter Okoye Is Feeling Seksual In New Photo



First it was Flavour who gave us a hot thirst trapping picture of himself and his eggplant today and now Peter Okoye has also shared a shirtless photo stating that he is feeling seksual.

He captioned the image

Chilaxing! Relaxing! But sexual at the same time #Rotterdam

Of course his followers would not see that type of image and not comment, some of them are even of the opinion that he was receiving head.

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“We Are Sorry”, PSquare Squash Their Biggest Fight Yet With Joint Peace Message…Jude Too! 



The Okoye brothers are providing the media & fans with soap opera worthy drama of epic proportions.

If you haven’t been keeping up with the Okoye brothers, let us update you.

Peter fired Jude as his manager a few weeks ago, he then went solo & changed his management team, Paul then released an emotional single addressing their drama called “Call To Heaven”, He also took to Instagram to blast Peter for airing their differences on social media, this was after he put Peter on blast for doing the same during their last beef a few months ago, anyways Peter clapped back, Peter then granted the mother of all interviews two days ago, an EXPLOSIVE tell all basically calling out his brothers for ganging up on him among other allegations and Jude clapped back yesterday saying there are 3 sides to every story and the truth is dirty.

Well someone must have brought the brothers together to resolve their issues because a few minutes ago ALL three of them posted on their IG pages, a picture of a white dove in the sky, with the message,


PSquare Beef: Jude Tells Peter, “The Truth Is Dirty” After Explosive Tell All Interview!

Jude Okoye

Jude Okoye

Yesterday we told you about Peter Okoye‘s exclusive interview with The NET in which he spilled every detail about his beef with his twin and older brother – Jude. In the interview Peter made a number of claims about his siblings some of which included:

  • Jude threatened to slap him
  • Is putting together a music group like PSquare
  • Jude & Paul are ganging up on him
  • Peter hasn’t been on speaking terms with Paul since December 2015.
  • Fighting over money & control

and that’s just the tip of the ice berg. Catch up on the scoop here & here

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Yesterday Jude took to Twitter to react to Peter’s no hold barred interview. He wrote


“Paul Is Weak”, Peter Okoye Spills On Betrayal By His Twin, Jude Threatening To Slap Him, Fights About Money & Loads More




Just when we thought the issues between the Okoye brothers couldn’t get any messier…we are hit by an exclusive interview Peter Okoye has given The NET, in which he calls out his twin -Paul for being “weak”.

In addition to this Peter spills some major tea about alleged behind the scenes betrayal from Paul, who would allegedly tell other artistes that Peter could not sing or write. How Jude threatened to slap him. Guys when I tell you that Peter did not hold back, believe me..he didn’t…he talked in this interview and now PSquare fans and the world have a clearer picture of their beef.

Grab a cold bottle of orijin and some chin chin and enjoy the NET interview after the jump


PSquare Drama: Peter Claps Back At Paul! “You Went Solo First, Stop Making Me Look Bad & Giving The Public Opportunity To Crucify Me” 



It’s not even 1pm yet (Nigerian time) but the drama that is coming from camp  PSquare this morning has been more than epic!

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It started this morning with Paul’s Instagram post basically blaming his twin for the issues PSquare is facing, citing Peter having issues with Paul promoting artistes on his own record label – Rudeboy Records. Barely an hour passed and Peter himself announced PSquare are performing as a group in Amsterdam!

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Confused? So are we! 

Anyways a few minutes ago Peter took to Instagram to clear a few things up! Saying PSquare are still a group, but each member has different management. He also called out Paul for airing out their issues in the public domain when he lashed out at Peter for doing the same in a Twitter rant back in February.

See his tweets & his own Instagram clap back after the jump


“Don’t Insult My Brother!”, Peter Okoye Claps Back At Fan Who Came For His Twin



PSquare might be having their problems but that doesn’t mean the twins won’t still stand up for each other.

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Despite breakup reports, solo singles and new management Peter Okoye would take anyone insulting his twin – Paul. Recently a fan blasted Paul blaming him for the PSquare breakup and calling him a d**k.

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But Peter quickly shut the fan down, warning him not to insult his brother and insisting that Paul has nothing to do with the issues the group is currently facing.

See their exchange after the jump


PSquare’s Paul Okoye Releases Emotional First Solo Single, “Call Heaven”



Paul Okoye is following in the footsteps of his twin brother – Peter, by releasing his own solo material. But unlike Mr. P, Paul’s new single which is called “Call Heaven” is more emotional, we hear him pouring his heart out to his late parents.

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The new song also seems to address the rift between himself and his brothers, Peter and Jude Okoye. Calling on his parents to see what has become of them he sang,

“Cos if to say una dey
For everything wey dey happen today
E for be say una go intervene
Cos right now everything na pain
See your children dey misbehave”

Awww….The song is quite good though.

Listen to the song after the jump


PSquare’s Peter Okoye Is Officially Done Working With Brother Jude…Announces New Management!

Well a few weeks ago Peter Okoye announced on Twitter that he no longer wants to be managed by his older brother Jude Okoye and today he made it official. He changed his social media bio’s to reflect his new management and his new stage name – Mr P.


Work Mood ?? Thanks for all the love, support and concern pls continue to remain blessed as always. For bookings and enquiries,
please contact my new management on ?08037531340 ? || #MrP ??


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