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Transgender Woman Accused Of Killing Nigerian Girl With Butt Injections Claims She Gave Amber Rose Butt Shots


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Back in 2011,  Nigerian/British girl Claudia Aderotimi died from complications after receiving illegal butt enlargement injections from a woman in Philadelphia. The 20 year old had traveled from her home in London to the US city in her quest for a bigger booty.

The woman accused of her murder, Padge Victoria Windslowe popularly known as Black Madam is currently on trial, for the murder of the 20 year old dancer and model. She is accused of using a mix of industrial-grade silicone and glue that spread to Aderotimi’s brain and lungs, causing heart failure and killing her.


Kim Kardashian’s Butt At The 2015 Brit Awards Looks Incredibly Fake!!!



Kim Kardashian was front and center at the 2015 Brit Awards which went down last night (Feb. 25) at the O2 Arena in London.

For the occasion the selfie queen went braless in a Julien MacDonald mesh jumpsuit and when she walked on stage to introduce her husband Kanye West who was performing, all anyone could talk about was her huge butt!


Kanye West Not Only Admits Kylie Jenner & Tyga Are Dating, He Says They Are In Love [Listen To Leaked Audio]



Yesterday Kanye West appeared on New York’s Power 101 Breakfast show, where he not only threw shade on his ex Amber Rose saying he needed to take 30 showers after dating her, but he also admitted that Tyga & Kylie Jenner were a couple. The twitter war between Amber Rose & Khloe Kardashian started on Monday because in an interview Amber slammed 26 year old rapper Tyga for dating an underage Kylie who just turned 17 years old.

Incidentally when Tyga appeared on the Breakfast Club on Tuesday Feb 18, he denied being in a relationship with the youngest Kardashian and blamed black people for saying they were “sleeping together” when saying they are just friends.

But Kanye being Kanye he couldn’t keep his mouth closed, when was asked about the controversial couple, he hesitated for a while before saying, “I think he (Tyga) got in early. I think he was smart.”


Amber Rose Claps Back At Kanye, But We Really Wish She Had Said More Than Reminded Him That “Kim Let Ray J Nut On Her”



We are now in round 5,890 of the epic twitter feud that will never end – Amber Rose vs The Kardashians! Yesterday Kanye inserted himself to the female drama by saying he needed 30 showers to get with Kim after he had been with Amber. [READ HERE IF YOU MISSED IT] Basically saying Amber is trash…For the record I do not believe Kanye West had to take 30 showers after he had been with Amber Rose, this was a woman he wrote an entire album and made a movie for (My Beautiful Twisted Dark Fantasy), but he had to defend his wife after Amber called her a whore, we get it…


Kanye West Fires Back At Amber Rose On Behalf Of The Kardashians, “I Had To Take 30 Showers After I Was With Her” [Updated With Video]



Forget Khloe Kardashian. The new Kardashian family mouth piece is Kanye West!

Just a few days after Amber Rose dragged Khloe & called Kim Kardashian a whore in an epic twitter war of words that was heard around the world…Kanye has now fired back at his ex, whom he put on the map when they started dating in 2008. [CATCH UP ON THE AMBER ROSE vs KHLOE KARDASHIAN FEUD HERE]

This morning, Kanye West sat down for a radio interview on Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club, where he spoke candidly about his wife, forays into the fashion world and Amber Rose…

Read what he had to say & watch video after the jump


Thanks To Kim Kardashian & Kanye West…Children Are Now Banned From New York Fashion Week.



We’ve all seen the pictures of Kim & Kanye’s 19 month old child, North West perched front row with her famous parents at two fashion shows this week were she threw a crying tantrum at both shows  –  Kanye’s Adidas show and the Alexander Wang showcase.

As she fussed, cried and screamed while other attendees like Beyonce, Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour and Nicki Minaj looked noticeably uncomfortable with the one-year-old’s behavior.

The disruption has led to organizers banning children from all New York Fashion Week events.


Baby North West Isn’t Into Fashion Shows, But Kimye Keep Forcing Her To Go. Throws Another Tantrum At Alexander Wang Show.



Barely two days after Kim Kardashian & Kanye West’s baby North West threw a tantrum at her dad’s fashion show [READ HERE IF YOU MISSED IT], her parents have once again forced her to sit through another one.

The Wests and their 19 month old child were front row at last night’s Alexander Wang fashion show in New York and I don’t think anyone is surprised she threw another tantrum.

Fashion shows with their loud music are not for children that age. I’m sure Kanye & Kim think their child is a genius, who has amazing powers of concentration, but she’s a baby. A fashion show is not the place for her. Besides all her crying will distract others in audience.

Maybe Kimye are hoping to start a trend with people taking their babies to fashion shows….but I don’t see this catching on.

See more pics of North West and her parents after the jump


North West Steps Out In A Fur Coat! Is This Too Much For A One Year Old Baby?



With New York Fashion Week starting today, we can expect to see the most fashionable baby in the world – North West dominate the front row of the shows just like she did at Paris Fashion Week last year.

Baby North who is just 19 months old stepped out with her mama Kim last night in freezing New York and she served us full on fur! The 1 year old was dressed in an extravagant fur coat for as she left the unveiling of her dad Kanye West’s new Adidas Yeezy Boost sneakers (which are super ugly by the way).

Underneath the fur she wore her favourite colour – black, a black top, black skinny jeans and Doc Martens boots.

See more pics of Nori swagging in her fur after the jump


John Legend Calls Kim Kardashian A Liar!



John Legend just called out the wife of one of his best friends a liar!

The friend in question: Kanye West, the wife: Kim Kardashian of course!

On the night of the Grammys, Kim posted a bunch of selfies with her superstar friends at the event. In one with Legend and his wife Chrissy Tiegen, the trio are pulling shocked faces and Kim captioned the pic, “This is the Beck won that award face?!?!?!”

The caption was in reference to Beck winning the Album of The Year award over fan favourite – Beyonce. When Beck went to the podium to receive the award, Kanye West proceeded to the stage, like he was going to take the mic from him and put him on blast the same way he did to Taylor Swift at the 2009 MTV Awards, when she won Video Of The Year over Beyonce. To everyone’s relief he thought better of it & went back to his seat. But that didn’t stop him from going on a full blown tirade shortly after the ceremony were he called Beck out, saying he should give Beyonce his award, he also went on to say Beck had no respect for music even though the man has been in music way before Beyonce or Kanye!

Kanye is a hot mess! [Watch the tirade after the jump]


Kanye West Likes To Grab Butts On The Red Carpet…First Amber Rose, Now Kim Kardashian



If you ever had any doubt, Kanye West is an azz man! He likes big butts & he has no problem grabbing the big azzes of his significant others in full glare of the cameras on red carpets.

When Kanye West and his wifey Kim Kardashian appeared on the red carpet at last night’s 57th Grammy Awards in Los Angelese, the couple made out for the cameras as Kanye grabbed her huge butt. This reminded many of us of the time he grabbed Amber Rose’s butt in a similar way back in 2009 at the MTV Video Music Awards.

The images have generated all kinds of memes on social media, with some saying the butt grab shows the difference between a real and fake butt, while others say one butt grab is a wifey grab and the other is a hoe grab! LWKMD Instagram is a mess!

See more pics after the jump


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