OMG!!! This Is So Sick! Co-Pilot Andreas Lubitz Deliberately Crashed The Plane! Killing 150 People


The news of the Germanwings crash of Tuesday March 24, just keeps getting sadder! Today officials of Lufthansa/Germanwings revealed that co-pilot Andreas Günter Lubitz deliberately took down the airplane with 149 other people on board.

Lubitz a 28 year old German national, had locked the captain out of the cockpit before deliberately crashing into a mountain to ‘destroy the plane’.

Based on information gathered from the plane’s data recorder, the captain – named by local media as German father-of-two Patrick Sonderheimer – left the cockpit probably to use the toilet, when he tried to re-enter he found himself locked out. He then deliberately put the aircraft in descent.

On the black box, the captain can be heard using the intercom to ask the co-pilot to let him in, but there was no answer from inside the cockpit.

French prosecutor Brice Robin during his briefing also added that Lubitz ‘voluntarily’ refused to open the door and his breathing was normal throughout the final minutes of the flight, meaning he was not unconscious.


Despite Ruling Banning Soldiers At Polling Booths, FG Deploys Large Number Of Military Men To Lagos. Twitter Reacts


A few days ago a Lagos State High Court banned the FG from deploying soldiers to voting stations during the elections. [READ HERE IF YOU MISSED IT]

But in the last few days there have been more and more sightings of groups of armed soldiers in several parts of Lagos state. This morning several people took to Twitter to report they had seen military men and women with arms in large numbers.

See more pictures and some citizen reactions after the jump

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Hussaini Speaks On How Cattle Rearing & 5 Other Reasons Will Make Him & Many Fulanis Vote GEJ



Alhaji Muhammad Hussaini is the Nasarawa state secretary of Meyyiti-Allah (Fulani Pastoralists known as Cattle rearers). A devout muslim, he says he has a conscience and gave us 6 reasons that he and his entire family will vote for President Jonathan despite the fact that he is running against a Fulani man like himself.

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Alibaba Throws Shade At Amber Rose & Blac Chyna? Says Women They Need More Than Beauty & A Nice Body To Keep A Man


Amber Rose & Blac Chyna both have killer bodies that would get the attention of any straight man, big booty, big b00bs, tiny waist…the type of bodies that will make a man want to leave his wife & even turn a woman lesbo for a minute, but it is a well known fact that both ladies have been publicly & unceremoniously dumped by their rapper boos.

And with the way Amber Rose has been posting nekkid pictures all over the place, she is clearly not shy about showing off her assets, but are those assets enough to keep a man?

Alibaba doesn’t think so! The comedian posted a pic of Amber Rose & Blac Chyna using both American thots stars to explain to women that a bad azz body & fine face will not keep a man, so women better come correct with the five B’s: Brains. Behavior. Beauty. Body. Business mind.

Read what he wrote after the jump

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Dencia Celebrates Turning 27 With Sexy Lingerie Pics + Reveals She Only Found Out Her Birth Date 12 Years Ago


Dencia is a year older today and to kick off her birthday the controversial Whitenicious entrepreneur and singer shared some sexy photos on Instagram. The unseen pics were from 2014 and Denicia is rocking a bejewelled  bra and a sheer fabric wrapped around her waist.

She also revealed that she only found out her birthdate 12 years ago when she was 15. She wrote,

12 years ago I found out today was my birthday emoji..Don’t try to understand but I am glad I finally found out.

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Guess Who This Teenager Is? She Grew Up To Become A Controversial Nollywood Star!


Guess who this Nollywood star is in this throwback pic all the way back to when she was a teenager dreaming of the bright lights of fame.


  • She has ventured into music
  • She has had beef with fellow Nollywood colleague Mercy Johnson
  • She starred in 2011 movie Strippers In Love

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Uche Jombo Comes Under Attack For Facebook Post About Muhammadu Buhari Marrying Aisha Buhari When She Was 9 Years Old + Says She Never Collected Money From Any Political Party


With 2 days to go to the general elections, it is safe to say that tensions are high!

A few days ago there was uproar on Facebook, after actress Uche Jombo made a statement about the child trafficking, the current political situation in the country and a message she received about General Muhammadu Buhari‘s wife – Aisha Buhari being 35 years old. The allegations of Mrs. Buhari’s age was made by Sarah Obozuwa, Founder of the Edo Women for Change (EWC)  who said, “Aisha Buhari was born on September 29, 1979. As of today, Mrs. Buhari is only 35 years of age. She was married to Buhari in August 13, 1989, at the age of 9.”

Because Uche reposted the message & what followed was complete mayhem with some accusing her of bias for reposting a statement that accused GMB of being a paedophile.

See her post after the jump

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Pope Francis Commends Economy Under GEJ’s Watch

A few days ago, Vatican Radio released a letter by Pope Francis to Bishops in Nigeria to express his closeness to them in prayers as well as addressing issues surrounding the Nigeria.

In the 2nd paragraph of the letter, the pontiff spoke highly of the Nigerian economy which has grown to the largest in Africa in “recent years”, under Jonathan’s watch. Pope Francis wrote:

NIGERIA, known as the “African giant”, with its more than 160 million inhabitants, is set to play a primary role, not only in Africa but in the world at large. In recent years, it has experienced robust growth in the economic sphere and has again reasserted itself on the world stage as an attractive market, on account of its natural resources as well as its commercial potential. It is now considered officially the single largest African economy. It has also distinguished itself as a political player widely committed to the resolution of crisis situations in the continent.”

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Is Amber Rose Acting Desperate? Posts Nekkid Photos On Instagram


We all know Amber Rose started out as a stripper & describes herself as a bad biitch!

When she married Wiz Khalifa & became a mom, she started covering up a bit more and dressing more conservatively. Many were taken aback by her conservative way of dressing but she attributed it to being a “business woman, a wife & mom” and wanting to present herself in a more serious light.

But it seems like since her breakup with Wiz she has been taking her clothes off any opportunity she gets. We all remember how she broke the practically nekkid shots for Instagram and now she’s done it again…

Yesterday she treated her Instagram followers to some pictures of her nekkid body, with her hand barely covering her nips & a tiny thong (i don’t think it can even be called a thong) barely covering her azz…the mother of one showed off her best talents as she posed on a beach in Hawaii.

See the risque pictures after the jump (NSFW)

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Patience Jonathan Says She Will Be Jailed If Buhari Wins The Presidential Elections

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 00.05.33
Mama Peace, the First Lady of Nigeria has said that if Muhammadu Buhari wins the elections on Saturday March 28, she will be jailed by him.
She made the surprising statement at the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) women presidential campaign rally in Oyo State today.
According to The Cable while speaking to the PDP supporters gathered, she said,

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