Beyoncé Takes On Sightseeing In Paris In Super Sky High Six Inch Heels!!!


I have the utmost respect for any woman that can walk around in super high heels, I can’t wear heels for more than two minutes without my creaky knees screaming, ‘BLOODY MURDER’. So if you see me just sitting in the club and not dancing, that’s why…LOL

Anyways we all know Beyoncé is not human! How else do you explain her walking around Paris in 6 Inch Christian Louboutin heels as she took in tourist attractions such as the world famous Louvre museum and other historical landmarks on Tuesday!

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#ThrowBackThursdayLove: Toke Makinwa & Maje Ayida…Check Them Out Together 12 Years Ago!!!


Multimedia personality Toke Makinwa & fitness expert Maje Ayida’s love no be today oh! The couple have been together for 12 years!

Yesterday Toke took to Instagram to share a picture of her and Maje from 12 years ago! The then 18 year old is wearing a lemon green bikini top teamed with black shorts, while her hubby to be is rocking a clack t-shirt and grey draw string shorts.

Mrs. Ayida shared the picture with the caption,


It’s Officially O-V-E-R! The Begging Did Not Work As Paula Patton Files For Divorce From Robin Thicke!


It came as a shock when I heard actress Paula Patton & singer Robin Thicke had decided to separate back in February. They had been together forever! And Robin went to great lengths to win her back, public apologies and even dedicating an entire album to her…the album flopped but the romantic in me was hoping they would get back together. :(

But clearly Paula Patton wasn’t feeling all his begging because she has officially filed for divorce from the R & B crooner with a wandering eye.

She cites the celeb favourite “irreconcilable differences” as the official reason for their divorce and is seeking joint custody of their 4-year-old son Julian.

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Look Mum I’m On TMZ! Dencia Interviewed By TMZ Paparazzi As She Exits The Chanel Store

You know you’ve officially made it when TMZ paparazzi recognize you and interview you!

On Monday TMZ’s video paparrazi spotted Whitenicious founder, Dencia coming out of the Chanel store on Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, where they asked her what she had purchased in the store, to which she answered, “a couple of shoes and a necklace”

The TMZ Live crew also go on to talk about the controversy surrounding Dencia, describing her as a “African pop star who became controversial because she was a brown skin girl who whitened her skin”

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President GEJ Shuts Down Reports He Is Worth $100 Million! Demands A Retraction & Calls The Claims Libelous!


Yesterday I told you about how a website called had listed President Jonathan as the 6th richest African leader with an estimated networth of $100 Million…Obviously that kind of publicity isn’t a good look for the President considering we are a country plagued by corruption, poor health care and dismal electricity.

Shortly after the news of the President’s alleged $100 Million wealth went viral he hit back at the claims calling them baseless & libelous, he also demanded that the story be retracted.

The State House released an official statement addressing it check it out after the jump

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Wizkid Says He’s Open To Recording A Song With Davido + Talks Collabos With Chris Brown & Rihanna [Watch]


On a trip to London last week, Wizkid caught up with DJ Abrantee of Capital Xtra and he talked about everything, from his beef with Davido to hanging with Rihanna in studio.

When asked by Abrantee if he would do a track with Davido, Wizzy answered saying, “Anything is possible, we’ll see”

Hallelujah! There’s hope people…there’s hope!

Wizkid also talked about his friendship with Chris Brown, revealing that they hang out when he’s in L.A., he also disclosed that he has an unreleased track with Breezy, that’s going to be the first single on his next album. Hopefully don’t have to wait another 4 years for the next album 😉

Speaking of unheard tracks, Wizzy confirms he hung out in the studio with Chris Brown’s ex Rihanna, where he wrote a song for her new album. He doesn’t know if his song will be picked for her next album, but he does say Rihanna is a cool person!

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Let’s Help Find Liya Ehiemere: 2 Year Old Nigerian Girl Kidnapped By Paternal Grandmother.


I saw Moronke Temilola‘s tweets a few moments ago, when someone retweeted them and they appeared on my timeline. Moronke is a young mom, possibly in her early to mid twenties. This afternoon she took to the microblogging platform to announce that her 2 year old daughter Liya had been kidnapped by her paternal grandmother, Annette Ehiemere.

She wrote,

My 2 year old daughter Liya was kidnapped on the 6th of October 2014 by her paternal grandmother. Please keep an ear and eye out… My life is in shambles right now…i cant cope with this… I need my child. I will post more pics of them

She then shared a picture of the alleged kidnapper (see it below)

From her tweets, Moronke and her baby’s father (Izuchukwu Ehiemere) were not together. She had fallen pregnant in 2012 and he didn’t want her to keep the baby but she did. He lives in Port Harcourt while she lives in London. Liya’s grandmother (Annette Ehiemere) visited the UK some 5 months ago and Moronke opened up her home to her allowing the elderly woman to stay with her for the entirety of her stay so she could bond with little Liya.

Mrs. Ehiemere never gave off any vibe that she had any ulterior motives during her stay. Moronke left her child with Mrs. Ehiemere and her younger sister who lived with her, as she had been doing for some time now. When she returned home from uni, both her daughter and granny were gone.

Further investigations reveal they boarded a flight to Nigeria from London Heathrow.

The woman had been planning this for a long time! #Evils

Read Moronke’s tweets after the jump

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Kim Kardashian’s Youngest Sister Kylie Dating 25 Year Old Rapper Tyga Who Has A Child With Kim’s Best Friend Blac Chyna! Is There Something Wrong With This Picture?


LOL! Are you confused? Please don’t be…let me break it down for you…Reality TV Queen Kim Kardashian‘s youngest sister Kylie Jenner who just turned 17 is confirmed to be dating 25 year old rapper Tyga!

Tyga was engaged to and lived with former stripper Blac Chyna, they have a 2 year old son together, they even attended Kim & Kanye’s Florence wedding together as a couple back in May! It is being reported that they broke up in August! Blac Chyna and Kim as far as I know were tight…they even used to post booty selfies on Instagram of their fake azzes LOL!

So it’s kinda weird now that Tyga is dating his ex fiance’s best friends baby sis and not only that she’s just 17!!!

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White Grandpa Gets His Twerk On…This Is A Must Watch!


So I was on Instagram a few moments ago, being nosey and checking out who’s getting up to what, when I came across this video of an elderly white guy dancing to one of my favourite ratchet, twerk songs – Fight Night. And grandpa is getting it in! Dancing with some pretty young thing in an ALL black club!

I also found another video of another white grandpa twerking with some young girls and he could dance! Watch them both after the jump!

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Breaking News! Thomas Duncan – Index Case Of Ebola In The United States Dies!


It is being reported that the index case of Ebola in the United States, Thomas Eric Duncan has died! Duncan took the disease to the United States when he travelled to Dallas, Texas from his home country of Liberia 2 weeks ago. He is the only person on record to have developed Ebola in the US.

The Dallas hospital that admitted him initially did not recognize the deadly disease initially and sent him home with antibiotics, only for him to return two days later in an ambulance.

Yesterday and early this morning it was reported that he had taken a turn for the worse and was fighting for his life at the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas.

According to  Reuters Thomas Duncan succumbed to the deadly virus today – Oct. 8th, making him the first person on US soil to die from the disease.