Photos From Babatunde Fashola’s Last Day In Office, As #ThankYouBRF Trends On Twitter


Yesterday was Babatunde Raji Fashola‘s last day as the Governor of Lagos & his official photographer captured his last moments as Governor.

After 8 years of governance Fashola is going out with love and adoration from Lagosians, some of whom took to Twitter to thank him for his service to state, using the hashtag #ThankYouBRF. The hastgag was the number 1 trending topic on Nigerian twitter yesterday and is still trending now.

See more pictures and read some of the tweets after the jump

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Yay! Uche Jombo Gives Birth To Her First Child! A Baby Boy, Named Matthew Chinedu – See First Photo



I am so happy for Uche Jombo and I don’t even know her personally!

Last night [May 28h] the actress gave birth to her first child, a baby boy in Houston, Texas. Her and her hubby Kenny Rodriguez have named him Matthew Chinedu Rodriguez.

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#ChangeIsHere GEJ & Buhari Walk Hand In Hand As They Take A Tour Of Aso Villa Together!


Awwww!President Jonathan is really trying to be on the good side of incoming president Muhammadu Buhari…just joking…LOL

On his return from London this morning, the president elect headed to his home for the next four years, where he was welcomed by the current President, Goodluck Jonathan, who gave him a tour of the Presidential Villa.

Both men held hands as they toured the villa, before GEJ 

After their friendly tour of Aso Villa, there was an official ceremony at the Council Chamber of the State House, where Jonathan formally presented the hand over notes and a copy of the report of the National Conference which held in 2014, to Mr. Buhari.
See more pictures after the jump


#GoodByeGEJ Zahra Buhari’s Farewell Message To Goodluck Jonathan

The hashtag #GoodByeGEJ is currently trending on Twitter and there have been hundreds of tweets bidding the current head of state farewell, a lot of them haven’t been very nice considering the state he is leaving the nation in.

One of those who got on trending topic is the stunning daughter of the President Elect – Zahra Buhari.

The UK based student who made a splash during the elections when her photos were released back in January arrived Abuja this morning with her father and her brother, Yusuf. [READ HERE IF YOU MISSED IT]

About an hour ago, she bid farewell to the outgoing president, writing

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Miley Cyrus Exposes N1pple On Instagram

Yup! She has done it again. I am not sure what she’s smoking but Miley Cyrus is one woman who gets off on showing off her noode body for the viewing pleasure of her fans!

Yesterday she took to Instagram to show off her wig; but then she “accidentally” exposed her n*pple.

Instagram which usually takes down explicit posts hasn’t done anything to the 22-year-old superstar’s photo.

A number of people didn’t even catch the slip at first, but some, um, helpful commenters pointed out  the exposed n*pple, “Is that a nipple???” wrote one follower, leading to someone else quip reply, “No, it’s a toe.” Another posted, “do u c it tho? It took me a couple looks.”

Let me remind you that Miley Cyrus is a huge supporter of the “Free The Nipple” campaign, which seeks to end censorship of women’s breasts on Instagram!

If you are up to it, catch the nip slip after the jump

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Muhammadu Buhari’s HOT Son Yusuf Just Became The Most Eligible Bachelor In Nigeria. See Photos Of Him Arriving Nigeria!


President Elect Muhammadu Buhari arrived from The Abuja International Airport early his morning from London where he had been on a private visit.

He rolled through dressed in all black, accompanied by his daughter and his son….And his son is HOT!

His name is Yusuf Buhari and he is the only son of the President to be. He is tall, dark and handsome!

I asked around and I have been told he is not married, so ladies….he is single and just became the most eligible bachelor in Nigeria!

After the jump. See more pictures of him arriving with his father


Goodluck Ebele Jonathan: The Fashion Icon


Say what you want about President Goodluck Jonathan, there is no doubt he is leaving Nigeria in a shambolic state, but one thing can not be denied, he created a fashion trend for many with his “Etibo Woko” attire, which became the signature style of the commander in chief during his 6 plus years as president.


“My Daughter Got The Biggest Room”, Davido Finally Confirms He Is A Father! [WATCH]


We already know that pop star & billionaire’s kid Davido is a brand new dad, but he had never confirmed it himself…until now!

READ: Davido & Baby Mama Spotted At Her Baby Shower

Yesterday he gave his fans and amebos like us a peek of the townhouse he just purchased in Atlanta (I told you about the home he purchased a few weeks ago, check it out here) and he captioned the video,


Awww! He might only be 22 but he’s stepping up to the plate and providing for his child!

After the jump watch Davido give us a tour of his new home

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Spotted: Buhari Flies Economy Class As He Heads Back To Nigeria From London On British Airways Flight [Photo]


Last night (May 27th) President Elect Muhammadu Buhari was spotted aboard a British Airways London to Abuja bound flight.

The man who would become president of the country tomorrow (May 29) has been in the United Kingdom for private reasons, he did manage to squeeze in a meeting with the UK Prime Minister – David Cameron, but other than that he is believed to have been resting before he inherits Nigeria and it’s one million and one problems!


Meek Mill Wants You To Know He Is NOT Engaged To Nicki Minaj!



Back in April, 32 year old Nicki Minaj showed off a massive canary yellow diamond ring on her Instagram page, the ring which she wore on her engagement finger kicked off speculation that she was engaged to her 28 year old rapper boyfriend of just a few months – Meek Mill. [READ HERE IF YOU MISSED IT]

Even Drake congratulated her on the engagement during a concert while she just smiled coyly.

But now in a recent interview with Fader Magazine Meek Mill is shutting down all talk of an engagement, saying it’s too early for marriage talk.

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