Toke Makinwa Is Dipped In Gold As She Slays The Cover Of BMPro Magazine…Are You Feelin’ It?


Toke Makinwa is dipped in gold as she covers the second edition of BMPRO. The magazine by Nigeria’s leading Makeup artiste Banke Meshida-Lawal features a new cover star every month, rocking several beauty looks.

This gold cover is every damn  thing! Looks very haute and high fashion! We love! love!! love!!!

Check out another slay worthy look after the jump

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Are You Ready For Mercy Johnson The Singer? Actress Gears For Release Of Debut Single With Don Jazzy!


One of the hottest actresses in Nigeria, Mercy Johnson is about to add singer to her resume!

The yummy mummy of two who stunned on the red carpet at last weekend’s AMVCA’s with two looks, shared a picture of herself with Don Jazzy at the award’s ceremony. She also informed her fans that she has a new single produced by the Mavin boss.

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New Couple Alert: Lupita Nyong’o & Common Are Dating???


They are both successful Oscar award winners and it seems they have found their way to each other. Ladies & Gentlemen rapper Common & Lupita Nyongo’o are the latest couple in celeb-land.

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Transgender Woman Who Gave Nigeria Girl Butt Shots Found Guilty Of Her Murder

Padge Victoria Windslowe aka Black Madam. Image Credit: Facebook

Padge Victoria Windslowe aka Black Madam. Image Credit: Facebook

The transgender woman who gave illegal butt shots to British Nigerian dancer Claudia Aderotimi has been found guilty of her murder!


Padge-Victoria Windslowe who also claims she gave butt injections to Amber Rose, was found guilty by a court in Philadelphia yesterday, of the 2011 death of 20 year old who wanted a bigger butt because she felt it would her career as a dancer and model.

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Charly Boy Calls Himself Lucifer As He Releases New Photos


Charly Boy is no stranger to controversy. The veteran entertainer has been controversial for at least 4 decades and while his new pictures in which we see him wearing a scarf with a transparent fabric wrapped around his chest are pretty tame compared to the nekkid pics we’ve seen of him in the past, it’s what he chooses to call himself that is shocking!

The 63 year old captioned one of the pictures, “I am Lucifer”

According to the church ‘Lucifer’ is another word for Satan/the Devil. Lucifer also means, “Morning Star” or “The planet Venus when appearing as the morning star”

See what he had to say about calling himself Lucifer and see the rest of the pics after the jump

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Jim Iyke Fires Shots! Says Charles Novia Needs Therapy & Has No Respect For Segun Arinze In Glam Africa Magazine. WTH?!


Actor Jim Iyke is the cover star of Glam Africa Magazine‘s Spring 2015 issue and in it the actor/reality TV star is not holding his tongue about his feelings for actor Segun Arinze, filmmaker/social critic Charles Novia and bloggers including Linda Ikeji.

His grouse with Charles Novia & Segun Arinze stems from their reactions to his September 2013 deliverance at TB Joshua’s Synagogue Church of All Nations which aired on the church’s Emmanuel TV and later went viral. Arinze reportedly sent out a BBM broadcast calling the deliverance an “embarrassment” while Novia sent out a series of tweets questioning the authenticity of the deliverance.

About Novia & Arinze he said,

I will deem it completely reprehensible if I say what happened was orchestrated like people suggested. Segun Arinze and Charles Novia, men that I respected a lot, came out to say something completely derogatory of what happened that day. I am not really cool with Novia, we have always been at odds with each other, and nobody asked his opinion on what happened to another actor. If you want to be relevant; direct movies and project your creativity, so people will respect you more. Do not involve yourself in people’s private issues, I don’t talk about your wife, I do not say she is overweight, nor do I talk about the fact that you need therapy. I do not talk about your personal issues though looking at you, I am sure you have enormous personal issues.
Well damn! Jim!  How are you going to diss the man’s wife like that…She didn’t say anything about you though…
About Arinze he said,
I do not talk about Segun, I know one or two things about him like he knows about me. We are not that close so he has no authority to talk about what happened in my life. He used to be like a big brother, one that I respect, but he lost all that because of the way he went about this issue. I had people that shared my experience, people that were happy for me. I went there to get answers for something entirely different. There are things that happen in your life that if you don’t have the answers to, you go to a higher calling to make sense of it. When I got there, in a space of 5 – 10 minutes, something transpired and till this day I do not know what it is. They thought it was a PR gimmick that was to the gain of a synagogue church against one of Africa’s top celebrities, and they needed some sort of validity and authenticity, they believe I was used, well that is their opinion. You cannot choose your time and place with God, you do not have that authority, God chooses it. The medium with which it happened was through a man, but my focus is the architect, so let them focus on man and a make mockery of it, I do not care what they say, my focus is on God.
He then moved on to bloggers!
It’s no secret that Jim Iyke has put bloggers on blast before, specifically Linda Ikeji, and this time he went in again. He spoke on Linda Ikeji, Bella Naija and his feelings about bloggers in general, saying
Oh Yes! They are bloggers that cannot feed themselves, and then all of a sudden someone informs them that with a few hits, money would be transferred into your account and it becomes an obsession. Any lives that get wrecked in the wake of that obsession, they do not care about. There are some good blogs out there, do not get me wrong. I am not a great fan of BellaNaija, but she is smart, she is articulate, and she knows what she is doing. Even when she attacks me or writes about me, you will know that there is the chance of a researched truth, though it may not be in its entirety. So, there are one or two good blogs out there that make an effort to research. Linda Ikeji is one of the lamest of them all, and some others that do not make any effort, they just cut and paste. There are people who are really trained for this job, they understand this job, people who are intellectually gifted as writers, yet they are taking food out of their mouths because of the new order of things. There is one they call Ladun, me I call names if I want to, I do not care. This is stuff that fellow so called celebs want to talk about but do not have the balls to. This is part of the gains of already being labelled a black sheep, whatever I say now would not shock anybody. I just keep it real.

I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again people don’t give “bloggers” their due respect, especially in this part of the world. Back in January 2013 he called Linda a haemaphrodite witch [READ HERE IF YOU MISSED IT] Maybe the actor is low key crushing on Linda? Lol
He also goes on to add that even though his ex Kenturah Hamilton publicly put him on blast – saying he used & dumped her, she will always have a place in his heart & if she calls me he will readily rise to the occasion. Speaking on the Jamaican he dated for 6 years he said,
In the heat of the whole drama between Kentura and I, people asked why I did not say a word. She released a story to the press about how I wrecked her life, I believe it was the emotions of the moment because that is not who she is and that would never define her, a lady whom I spent 6 years of my life with. She is an incredible person, incredibly beautiful, incredibly gifted, and incredibly generous with her soul, her spirit. You cannot spend 6 years with a Caribbean girl if she is not incredible. In our moments of grief and disappointments, we say things that we do not mean. Would I hold it against her? Maybe I did, but I moved on 5 minutes after, and I do not hold it against her. But she is always going to be a part of my life; my history will never be complete without her. It completely spells the measure of man that I am. I did not say one word and I still will not say one word in respect of who she is. If she is right I will leave it for people that know us to judge. They are the ones I owe my explanations too. I have often said that I don’t owe anybody any apology as to the steps and decisions I take in my life. I owe hardened fans an explanation and not an apology. People that are waiting for me to wake up and say stuff have eternity to wait. She is who she is, she said what she did. She may regret it or not, I do not know because I never asked her, all I know is that someone spent 6 years with me and come rain come shine, anytime she calls me I will readily rise to the occasion. My life will never be complete with her and she will always have a special place in my heart.
I love everything he said about Kenturah, shows maturity on his part!
To read more on his feelings about Nadia Buari and why controversy follows him, pick up the spring issue of Glam Africa Magazine.
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Team Natural: Pregnant Omawumi Rocks Her Afro To Adebola Williams’ 29th Birthday Dinner


Yummy mummy Omawumi debuted her new look, a short afro on Sunday March 8th at the private dinner party in Lagos for Adebola Williams of Red Media Africa.

The yummy mummy who was seen rocking long curly hair just the day before at the 2015 AMVCAs, looked relaxed and much younger as she let her hair breath. The singer who is pregnant with her second child dressed her growing baby bump in an ankara maxi dress.

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Tonto Dikeh Rocks Ankara Print Pants, Christian Louboutin & Chanel…Are You Feeling Her Look?


Have a stylist as your best freind ensures that everytime you step out of your house you are looking flawless!

Tonto Dikeh‘s stylist & BFF Jeremiah Ogbodo shared a pic of the actress’s Wednesday look as she stepped out in Ankara print cigarette pants, a fitted jacket, black t-shirt, Chanel brooch, silver Christian Louboutin sandals & vintage chrome round lens sunglasses.

Her short pixie cut finished off her look.

Tonto is looking good!

See another pic after the jump

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MI Abaga Rocks A White Fur Coat & Cigar As He Covers Mystreetz Magazine


Rapper MI Abaga is giving me “P.Diddy rocking a white fur coat to fashion week” vibes as he covers the latest issue of Mystreetz Magazine.

The rapper is rocking a white fur coat, white shirt, vintage round lens sunglasses & a cigar! When I saw this video 50cents PIMP just started playing in my head…I don’t know why?!

MI is like the Kanye West of Nigeria, he’s not afraid to take fashion risks. I can imagine how hot it was in that studio though, Naija heat, coupled with lights, but the chairman pulled off the look.

See the making of the cover after the jump

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Mo Abudu Lays Wreath On Behalf of African Women As She Joins Queen Of England At Commonwealth Observance Day!


Ebony Life CEO Mo Abudu laid a wreath at the 2015 Commonwealth Day Observance Service which held at the Westminster Abbey in London yesterday March 9th.

The media mogul was one of a delegation of eminent personalities representing Nigeria which included: Governor of Delta State Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan, Deputy Governor of Anambra State Dr. Nkem Okeke, Former Minister of Health Prof Nike Grange, Chairman of Channels TV Mr John Momoh & others.

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