#BeingMaleInNigeria: The Response To The Worldwide Attention Grabbing #BeingFemaleInNigeria Hashtag

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Earlier in the week the hashtag: #BeingFemaleInNigeria trended worlwide. The trending topic which which caught the attention of news outlets like CNN, BBC, Huffington Post & BBC sought to highlight the everyday experiences of gender discrimination against women in Nigeria.

According to BBC, it started at a  small book club meeting in Abuja on Sunday. Its members were discussing Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s “We Should All Be Feminists” and then started to describe their own challenges and experiences. They discussed taking the discussion to a larger group and on Monday, a member of the book club Florence Warmate started tweeting her thoughts with the hashtag #BeingFemaleinNigeria, and soon it became a worldide trending topic on all media platforms not just Twitter.

But one thing I noticed from the tweets was that men seemed to take a lot of offence to it. When I set out my own tweets using the hashtag, the negative responses were all from men. So it comes as no surprise that the guys have responded with theirs: #BeingMaleInNigeria…

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Rihanna’s BBHMM Video Is Really About How Her Accountant Left Her Broke & Stole From Her


So this morning while revelling in the awesomeness that is Rihanna’s Bitch Better Have My Money video [Watch HERE], a friend brought it to my attention that this video and possibly single were directed at her accountant. Back in 2009/2010 there were stories floating around the internet that one of the biggest pop stars in the world was nearly flat broke! I didn’t believe the story until last year when it was reported on NY Daily News, that Rihanna was suing her accountant firm Berdon LLP.


Miley Cyrus Makes Out With & Fingers Her New Girlfriend In A Parking Lot


In the last edition of Paper Magazine when Miley Cyrus posed with a pig and revealed she liked girls as much as she liked boys and in the last few weeks US tabloids have been going cray cray over the news that the 22 year old who describes herself as sexually and gender fluid” has a new girlfriend – Victoria’s Secret model Stella Maxwell

On Tuesday night on Miley took a break from filming a new music video in Los Angeles, to hang out beside her trailer with her new girlfriend. When the two spotted someone filming them perhaps turned on by having an audience they started kissing seriously as the model grabbed the singers butt, Miley then stuck her hand in her girlfriends pants…she did all of this knowing someone was filming her!

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#GodWin Baby Mavins – Korede Bello, Di’Ja & Reekado Banks Land Glo Endorsement Deals


I don get endorsements..Na Godwin!

Yesterday [July 1] the baby Mavins – Korede Bello, Di’Ja & Reekado Banks were revealed to be the latest brand ambassadors for tele communications company – Globacom.

Yesterday the Mike Adenuga owned Telco which is one of the big 4 in Nigeria announced the youngest and newest signees to Mavin Records as ambassadors for their brand. The three have each had a huge year with hits left, right and center!

The Mavin records boss Don Jazzy took to Instagram to congratulate his acts writing,

Congrats guys. #ProudDad#SMD cc @KoredeBello@ReekadoBanks@AphroDija#WeMoveStill


Rihanna Is A Stone Cold Murderer, Nekkid & Covered In Blood In Brand New “B*tch Better Have My Money” Video


Rihanna is a sexy, stone cold murderer in the highly anticipated visuals for her “B**tch Better Have My Money” single. The 7 minute video which is more like a short film, dropped less than 30 minutes ago.

And it is scary! The video which the Bajan pop princess directed herself contains n*dity, violence, weapons and of course swear words…and  it all ends with a stark nekkid Rihanna covered in the blood of the people she’s just killed! To be fair they did owe her a lot of money.

Many are going to say she is glorifying violence in this video & to be fair she does. Because she makes being a stone cold murderer look so sexy and glamourous.

Watch the explicit, Not safe for work video after the jump…


This Is How An 11 Year Old Girl Broke Up With Her Cheating Boyfriend…It’s Kinda Epic!


An 11 year old girl is schooling women three times her age on the perfect way to break up with a cheating boyfriend!

The 11 year old girl found out that her boyfriend Joey had taken another girl to the park, the break up texts she sent to him calling him out was found by her older sister, Madi Nickens who shared it on Twitter yesterday.

The break up texts immediately went viral, as at the time of publishing this story it had over 6,000 retweets and over 10,000 favourites.

See the texts in it’s entirety after the jump


Yvonne Nelson & Her Afro Cover Genevieve Magazine. Are You Feelin’ It?


Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson in the cover girl for the July edition of Genevieve Magazine.

The actress who this year ditched her weaves for her natural hair and embraced activism with her Dumsor must stop initiative talks about her estranged father, her new movie, dating Iyanya and never dating Ice Prince. 

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Watch Stephanie Linus Makeover The Ezedinmas On Her Show Make Me Fabulous


Nollywood actress Stephanie Linus Okereke launched her reality show a few weeks ago which focuses on married couples that are in the midst of drifting apart, Stephanie Linus and her team plan a series of events to help rekindle their love including a full makeover, romantic dinner.

READ: Stephanie Linus Shows Off Her Baby Bump For The 1st Time As She Meets The Queen Of England & David Beckham

On Episode 4, Stephanie has on the show newlyweds Immaculate and Peter Ezedinma. Soon after her wedding, Immaculate became pregnant and was bored of staying home alone all day when she first heard of the Make Me Fabulous show. She wrote into the show,
My Diva, I got married last year and came to Lagos in January this year. Up till now, my husband has not taken me out for once. He is always busy with work. I am lonely and crying all day which made my Blood Pressure to rise due to my condition (I’m pregnant). Please show me love this time so that I will be happy for once.
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Searching For Mr. Right? Forget It! Susan Peters Says He Doesn’t Exist!


Relationships are a very complex issue, while some are looking for Mr/Mrs Right, others make do with Mr/Mrs Right Now and just make the situation they find themselves in work. It seems that lately it’s a lot harder to find the “right person for you”, I am well aware no one is perfect but at least if a guy can meet 50 – 60% of my specifications we are on to something!

Actress Susan Peters is of the opinion that the notion of Mr. Right is a far fetched one, speaking to Encomium the actress who just turned 35 said,

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Designer Marc Jacobs Posts A Pic Of His Peen On Instagram, Says He Did It By Accident…LOL


The thirst for attention is real, especially in an era where the Kardashians and Caitlyn Jenner are hogging the limelight with every move they make! Even acclaimed fashion designers like Marc Jacobs now resort to desperate measures to keep people talking about them.

Yesterday The 52-year-old posted a raunchy selfie with his boxers pulled down and his bare a$$ & peen on show, with the caption, “It’s yours to try!”.