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Did Upcoming Actor Clems Onyeka Foresee His Death?



Last week Tuesday tragic news hit the Nollywood community, as one of their own Clems Onyeka had been killed by a stary bullet during a gun battle between police and armed robbers in Delta state. Before he died many knew of the 37 year old actor but sadly it took him dying to become recognized by the public.

But did the actor foresee his own death?

Vanguard writer, Ayo Okoniyi reveals a haunting conversation he had with the quiet actor 2 weeks before he was killed.

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Wizkid’s Birthday Party With One Direction’s Liam Payne At London’s Funky Buddhha & Alexander Amosu’s Ridiculously Priced £1.2 Million Bottle Of Champage Is Involved



Up until now I have refrained from blogging about Alexander Amosu’s £1.2 Million bottle of champagne because I just wasn’t buying the hype.

But right now even UK’s Daily Mail is talking about it so let me jump on the bandwagon and not only report on it but speak my mind on it.

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Dencia Is Really Feeling Herself….



Dencia posted the above photo on the left, and described it as her attempt at disguise, so she would be a able to do “normal” stuff in Africa and not get mobbed by her thousands of fans…Yep she got fans yo! She is very funny.

If you’re wondering Dencia who?! She’s famously known for dressing like Nicki Minaj circa 2010, getting into an altercation at the 2011 Headies Awards & oh she is a singer as well. The term singer used loosely in this instance. If you want to learn more about her abeg Google is your friend.


Real Life Drama: Jim Iyke & Fiancee Keturah Hamilton Get Into A Public Fight, Calls Out His B**ches [Watch Video]


This isn’t a movie but a clip from Jim Iyke‘s reality TV show, Unscripted.

Watch the actor’s girlfriend/fiancee abi is she his ex now ? (me I no know the status of their relationship anymore seeing as he goes everywhere with Nadia Buari these days) Keturah Hamilton get extra heated with Jim for taking pictures with other girls, all this went down in front of the cameras and guests at an Award’s show in Houston, Texas.

Read The Nadia Buari Story HERE & HERE

She starts by saying “All night you have been taking pictures with all these bitches!” LMAO Drama! Caribbean girls don’t play! This chick is dragging & pulling the man in front of everyone! Pure ratchet!

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The Thirst For Fame: Ugandan Singer Iryn Namubiru Lets Fans Touch Her Private Bits (Down There) While Performing



Jesus Take The Wheel! things are happening in this world!

Either Ugandan singer Iryn Namubiru is so fame hungry or she just felt a little freaky while she performed on stage? Whatever was going through her head she decided to allow fans cop a feel (or ten) of her vajayjay during a perfromance a few days ago in the USA.

There is no positive way to spin this, here’s hoping she at least enjoyed the experience…LOL


Celebrities Need To Be Careful What They Do On Skype: A Case Study Of Iyanya & His Twitter Fan



Early this morning (Naija time) a picture went viral on twitter, of pop star Iyanya having a skype conversation with a random girl (I’m not going to publish her name here) he met on twitter. It would appear said girl posted a screenshot of their Skype conversation to get some attention (cos I really don’t know why she had to post the picture of a private phone call for the world to see?!) But I digress…


Tiwa Savage’s Fiancé Tee Billz Now Paints His Nails?! Guys Would You Rock It?

TeeBillzNailsPainted copy

 TeeBillzNailsPainted copy

Whether Tee Billz likes it or not the fact he is engaged to a celebrity  makes him fair game for blogs and tabloids alike. The reason why I am bringing this up is cos I read on another blog a few days ago that he was going in on bloggers for something or the other that has to do with his engagement to Tiwa Savage and the fact he has a kid with another woman . Well Oga Billz, you are about to wife one of the most popular female celebrities in Nigeria, by default you have become blog fodder, I suggest you accept it, as they say there’s nothing like bad publicity.


Celebrities Without Make Up: The Tonto Dikeh Edition…Are You Feelin’ Her Look?


Wow, get a load of controversial Miss POKO Tonto Dikeh without her warpaint on…no eyelashes, no foundation, not a spot of makeup. I can’t get over her teeth…what’s up with them though? Teeth Whitening is needed pronto!

However that’s all I’m going to say about this cos my mother always told me if I can’t say anything nice I shouldn’t say anything at all. So I’m keeping my thoughts to myself on this one.

It’s POKO Baby!!!



Your Step By Step Guide To Becoming A Naija Runz Girl [Must Watch Video]


Let’s start by defining what a runs girl is. A runs girl (also known as aristo girl)  is a young lady that trades sexual favours for various financial favours. She isn’t your run of the mill ashewo standing on the streets, oh no! She won’t open her legs for just any one that offers some stupid amount, strictly married cash kings baby!

I’ve heard runz girlz usually have a look: heavily made up, bleaching cream assisted lightness. They  have different men for different uses…one for rent, one for phone bills, one for weaves…I could go on and on, but you get the drift.

So if you want to embark on a long, illustrious career as a certified runz chick, follow NaijaIrish Baby’s Step by Step Guide…It’s a must watch…Thank Me Later!


Olympics Condom Swag + 150,000 Condoms for London Games

And now the real games begin…

I don’t know if you have heard but over 150,000 condoms will be handed out at the London 2012 Summer Olympics. The Olympics are a 15 day event so that’s 10,000 condoms per day!

According to ESPN’s Body Issue:

The Olympic Village is basically one giant sex-fest. US women’s soccer player Hope Solo was especially vocal on the issue, claiming she slept with a celebrity (that she wouldn’t name) and that people are having sex right out in the open “On the grass, between buildings. People are getting down and dirty.”

At the 2000 Sydney Olympics 70,000 free condoms available, and that was not enough, an additional 20,000 condoms had to be brought in to meet demand. Since then 100,000 condoms have been made available but it was upped to 150,000 this year because…well it’s London LOL!


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