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Big Brother Africa Host IK Osakioduwa Is Firmly Against Pre Marital Shagging! Do You Agree With His Views?



Yesterday Big Brother Africa host & media personality IK Osakioduwa had the twitter-verse buzzing when he tweeted that he does not agree with pre marital shagging.


Actor Djimon Hounsou Thinks Marriage Can Ruin A Relationship. Do You Agree?



Beninese actor Djimon Honsou married model/mogul Kimora Lee Simmons in a traditional African ceremony in Benin Republic back in back in 2009 & the couple shockingly called it quits last year. It seems that experience left a bad taste in the actor’s mouth as he is now anti-marriage.


Ladies! #OBO Davido Is Back On The Singles Market, Spilts From Girlfriend Funmi Aboderin?!

DavudoGirlfriend_FunmiAboderin3_that1960chickdotcom copy

Well that didn’t last very long!

Just 2 weeks ago Davido was parading his girlfriend, Funmi Aboderin all over his Instagram Page. The 20 year old seemed to be so smitten with her because since he came to the limelight 2 years ago he hadn’t publicly claimed any girl.



More Nigerian Women Are Dating & Marrying Younger Men, As It Is Revealed Kaffy Dance Queen Is 8 Years Older Than Hubby Joseph Ameh



More women in this part of the world are embracing dating and even marrying men who are more a lot younger than them (and age difference of a year or 2 does not count in my books).

Case in point Kaffy the popular dance queen, it was revealed yesterday that her husband Joseph Ameh who is a drummer for P-Square is 8 years younger than Kaffy.


Charly Boy Encourages Daughter To Have Baby Out Of Wedlock…See His Open Letter, He Talks The Growing Number Of Single Women & Difficulty Finding A Decent Guy



Before you go saying no be Charly Boy! Read his open letter to his daughter & all single women struggling to find a life partner. Even though the Area Fada can be a weirdo he makes a lot of valid points about why more women are single these days, why it’s harder for a woman to find a decent guy & why he is encouraging to his daughter Dominique to have a baby out of wedlock if she can’t find a husband.

It’s a long read, but very interesting read. catch it after the jump!


Kelly Hansome “An Empty Pocket Doesn’t Deserve An Erection” – Do You Agree?



Controversial rapper Kelly Hansome was giving some relationship wisdom on twitter yesterday, when he dropped this gem of a quote “An empty pocket does not deserve an erection”, Translation: Broke niccas have no business having sex-ing. #GBAM

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Paul Okoye (P-Square) Explains “The Type Of Woman A Man Should Never Let Go”…Do You Agree With Him?


Here we go again….Another Nigerian celebrity is dishing out relationship advice, So you better listen up!

This time its Paul Okoye of P-Square, the 32 year old singer who is expecting a baby with his girlfriend, Anita, tells him menfolk the time of woman they should never let go of.

Read his advice below.


Ladies Would You Date/Marry a Younger Man?


Hello lovvies, TGIF! Today let’s talk older women and younger men relationships…

As a woman dating or marrying a younger man is pretty much taboo in our culture , but celebrities like Darey Art Alade (whose wife Deola is 8 years older, they’ve been married 5 years and have 2 Children) and Peter Okoye of P-Square (whose girlfriend Lola Omotayo is about 6 years older, they’ve been together 6 years and they have a son and another on the way) have broken with tradition and embraced a trend which was been attributed to

I’ve asked my friends, and roughly 90percent say they would never entertain the thought of a younger guy (Naija girls) but it seems the men are more open (as long as the age difference isn’t more than 2 years and she doesn’t look older…LOL). I have a friend who is being actively pursued by a guy 2 years younger, this man treats her better than any of her exes ever have but she says she’s not going there cos of the age thing.

In our society it’s perfectly okay for a man to be with a woman decades younger, but when the roles are reversed the woman is called desperate and the man must be with her for her money.

So here’s what I want to know Ladies are you open to dating/marrying a younger man? what’s your age limit?

And this goes for the men to…would you date/marry an older woman? And what’s your age limit?




Ladies, is our requirements list ridiculous?

A CGI cartoon video Black Marriage Negotiations has been making its way round the Internet. The skit shows a black woman who has a laundry list of impossible qualities she’s looking for in a man. She wants a man who can hang with the boys in the hood and kick it on the golf course. When she’s finished telling him her requirements, he says:

Man: Well, you drive a hard bargain. But, because I love you so much, I’m willing to make the sacrifice.

Woman: No you’re too weak. I need a man with a backbone who won’t let me run all over him. Besides, you’re not 6-feet-5, and that’s a deal breaker.

Watch the video & read more after the jump.