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Tragic Electrocuted UNILAG Student’s Family Given N45M Compensation But Eko Distribution Wants It Kept Quiet So More People Don’t Sue!



Oluchi Anekwe was a first class, 300-level student of Accounting at the University of Lagos, before she was fatally electrocuted by a live wire on the school premises in September 2015.

It is being reported that as compensation for her tragic death her family has been paid N45m. A source told PUNCH Metro that the money was paid to the Anekwe family after reached a non-disclosure agreement with them.

Meaning: don’t tell anyone we paid you N45M!

Oluchi was electrocuted on her way back from evening mass with her younger sister at about 7pm, she had reportedly entered the Eni Njoku Hall to buy an item and was walking out of the hostel when a high-tension wire fell on her. Her remains were buried in her hometown of Igbo-Etiti, Enugu State shortly after. After protests by the school’s student union, the FG set up a panel to investigate the death, with human rights lawyer, Femi Falana representing the Anekwe family in a suit against the EKEDC.


Shots Fired: Sterling Bank Throws Major Shade At Diamond Bank! Was It Necessary Though?



2016 is the year of pettiness and social media wars not just between celebrities but corporate brands are getting on it as well!

Today’s social media pettiness is between Nigerian banks – Sterling & Diamond.

Whoever manages Diamond Bank’s Twitter account should be fired for bad spelling and whoever manages Sterling Bank’s should be reprimanded for being unnecessarily shady!

But I’m not complaining though!!! It’s entertaining!

So here’s the tea, so this morning Diamond Bank Nigeria sent out a tweet promoting one of their latest products but judging by the spelling errors it looked like it was types by a semi illiterate 12 year old.

And then Sterling Bank replied the tweet with all manner of my pettiness calling them out for their language.

See the tweet after the jump


“Change The Change”, PDP Announces New Slogan…But Nigerians Aren’t Here For It!


Since Muhammadu Buhari became president the former ruling party People’s Democratic Party has been coming at him and his administration left, right and center.

Yesterday, at a convention in Port Harcourt, former Senate President David Mark took shots at the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC)-administration for the current sorry state of the country.

At the conclusion of his speech Mark screamed out a new slogan, “CHANGE THE CHANGE”

Just in case you did not know APC ran on the slogan of: CHANGE! While PDP’s has always been POWER.

Nigerians were not here for the new PDP slogan though and they made their feelings known on social media.



Lekan Shonde To Be Charged For Wife’s Murder Today Even Though Autopsy Shows “Ronke Didn’t Die From Domestic Violence”


A few days ago the initial autopsy results for Ronke Shonde was released and the initial results released of Tuesday said she “did not die from marks of violence”, however by yesterday the final report was released and “the summary of the report is that she did not die from the bruises on her body. She died from respiratory seizure.”

Meaning she did not die from domestic violence.

My people this doesn’t mean she wasn’t a battered woman, it just means the bearings were not the cause of her death. They could definitely have led to it though.

Read more below


Yay!!! Serah Luka – Second Abducted Chibok Girl Rescued From Sambisa Forest, Over 2 Years After Boko Haram Kidnap


They are coming home!

Following Tuesday night’s rescue of Amina Ali Nkek, the first of over 200 abducted Chibok girls rescued from the Sambisa  forest two years after they were forcefully taken from their school two years ago, another girl has now been rescued.

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Her name is Serah Luka and The Nigerian Army Spokesperson, Colonel Usman Sani Kukasheka confirmed the good news just a few hours ago.

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He said about the rescue,


Rescued Chibok School Girl Aisha Ali Nkek Meets Buhari, Who Promises Her The Best Care The FG Can Afford. ?


Earlier today we told you about Aisha Ali Nkek, the kidnapped Chibok school girl who was rescued in the Sambisa forest after over two years in captivity.

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Just as we told you she would, Aisha, her baby and parent were in Abuja today were they met with President Buhari.

Saddened by her traumatic experience, the president promised Aisha the best medical care the Nigerian government can afford.

He said,

Amina will get the best care that the Nigerian government can afford. We will ensure that she gets the best medical, emotional and whatever care that she requires to get full recovery and be integrated into the society


Rescued Chibok School Girl’s Terrorist Husband Could Be Given Amnesty & Here Is Why!



On Tuesday night a missing Chibok school girl was found  deep inside the Sambisa Forest by a vigilante group fighting Boko Haram.

Her name is Amina Ali Nkek and the 19 year old was rescued alongside her 4 month old baby and ‘husband’, who is a Boko Haram terrorist that ‘married’ her after she was abducted by his insurgent group.


Missing #EgyptAir Flight:  Was On 5th Trip Of The Day & There’s Hope For Survivors If Plane Crashed Into The Sea! 


I’ve never understood how a huge plane could just go missing off radar? Just like the mystery of Malaysian Airways Flight 370 which disappeared two years ago never to be found now we’ve woken up to news of another “missing” plane.

An Egyptair flight MS804 from Paris to Cairo with 66 people on board disappeared from radar early this morning.


Twitter Nigeria Is Not Here For The NLC Strike, Start #NoToNLCStrike Hashtag To Protest!



The Nigerian labor Congress is planning a strike action against the removal of fuel subsidy and subsequent increase to from N87 to N145 per liter of fuel.

But Twitter Nigeria is not here for the strike action and are voicing their opinion with the #NoToNLCStrike hashtag which is now trending.

The increase in price of fuel will no doubt give to more difficult times for Nigerians but Twitter Nigeria feels that it is the masses that will suffer the strike’s effect and that the removal of the subsidy will ultimately be of benefit to the nation.

Read the tweets after the jump


Pres. Buhari’s Wikipedia Page Tampered With, “Ajala the Traveller” & “Baba Go Slow” Added To His Bio!!! 



Nigerians play way too much, someone has tampered with the Wikipedia page of President Muhammadu Buhari and listed “Ajala the Traveller” and “Baba Go Slow” as one of his nicknames!


Nigerians have been complaining about the amount of foreign trips the President has taken since he came into power, which probably led to him being given the name, “Ajala the Traveller” and Baba Go slow comes from the pace at which he handles things…like the budget.

The offensive names have been removed but we have a snapshot! Check it out after the jump.

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