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Father Of Nigerian Man Arrested For Jumping White House Fence Says He Had “Mental Problems”



This morning I told you about Dominic Adesanya the American/Nigerian man who was arrested after he scaled the fence of the White House. [READ HERE IF YOU MISSED IT]

His father Victor Adesanya has spoken out about his son the “fence jumper” saying he had mental problems.

Victor Adesanya told CNN affiliate WMAR that his son is paranoid and hears voices. According to him, this isn’t the first time Dominic has been arrested, two months ago he was arrested near the White House and charged with a misdemeanor.

He said,

He had done it before. … He didn’t get that close. He didn’t cross the fence. He was at the gate, fussing at the people, wanting to talk to the President to tell the President about his situation.


WTF! Nigerian Man Dominic Adesanya Arrested After Jumping White House Fence & Causing Lockdown!



The White House needs to make their fence higher because in the last month two people have managed to get over the fences.

Yesterday Dominic Adesanya, a 23-year-old resident of Bel Air, Maryland jumped the North lawn fence, but he barely made it onto the lawn before he was subdued by Secret Service Agents as he fought off two security dogs.

Two things about this White House Fence Jumper bother me,

1) The guy in question is of Nigerian descent and
2) He shares the same last name with me…Jesu! I hope this doesn’t make travelling to the States an issue for me o! Homeland security fit pull me & my fam to one side for questioning all because Dominic Adesanya don go scale White House fence!

Chai see gobe!

Watch video of Dominic fighting off security dogs before he was arrested after the jump


Izuchukwu Ehiemere, Father of “Abducted” 2-Year-Old Says Baby Mama Is Lying About Kidnapping + UK Court Orders Liya’s Return To Her Mother



A few weeks ago I told you about a two year old girl who had been abducted from the UK by her paternal grandmother and taken to Nigeria. The girl’s mother Moronke Fadoju cried out and the child abduction issue became a national issue. [READ HERE IF YOU MISSED IT]

Since then a war of words has ensued between Moronke Fadoju (Liya’s mum who lives in the UK) and her baby daddy Izuchukwu Ehiemere (who lives in Nigeria)

Izuchukwu gave an interview to Bella Naija basically describing Moronke as a loose girl, whom he was in a casual relationship with while they were both studying at University of Hertfordshire and got pregnant less than 3 months into their friends with benefits relationship.

In the same interview Izochukwu claims he was involved in raising Liya and his mother decided to take the little girl away from Moronke when she observed a lot of traits and behavioural patterns that could be of potential harm to the proper development of Liya.

One day while Moronke was at school, Liya’s paternal grandmother who had been staying with her at the time took the little girl and brought her to Nigeria. Thanks to blogs and social media Moronke’s cries that her child had been abducted did not go unheard.

Izuchukwu has said Moronke’s cries of abduction was a deliberate act to sabotage his family’s name.


Terror In Canada: Gunman Attacks The Country’s Parliament Building, 2 Already Reported Dead

A few hours ago a gunman shot and wounded a soldier in Ottawa and then entered the country’s parliament buildings which houses the Canadian Senate & Canadian House Of Commons. According to media and eyewitness reports at least 30 shots fired. The country’s Prime minister was in the building when the shooting at parliament occurred but he was safely removed from the building.

CBC TV said the shooter was killed inside the parliament building. The Canadian parliament is the equivalent of the US Capitol Hill.

People in that area have been told to draw their shades, stay down and not leave their building as there are suspected to be 2 or more shooters on the loose, in multiple locations. This is said to be one of the major hallmarks of an organized terror attack.

The shooting comes two days after an Islamic convert who is an ISIS supporter ran down two Canadian soldiers with his car, killing one, near Montreal, before being shot and killed by police.

According to the police, “several shooting incidents in downtown Ottawa, Incidents occurred at National War Memorial, near the Rideau Centre and Parliament Hill.” All Ottawa police buildings remain on lockdown and are closed to the public”

According to Reuters, a construction worker said he heard a gunshot, and then saw a man dressed in black with a scarf over his face running towards parliament with a gun. The man stopped a black car at gunpoint and hijacked it. The driver got out safely, then the man drove the car to the Center Block on Parliament Hill. The suspected gunman rushed past a woman with a child in a stroller, who ran away screaming. He did not attack the woman or child.

It has not been established if the attack is linked any organized terrorist organisations, especially in the wake of the latest threats by ISIS to attack United States & Canada.

The shooting began during a caucus meeting at the Parliament which was being attended by the Prime Minister.

Story developing…
Additional Source: CNN, Reuters

Ebola: United States Restricts Arrivals From West Africa To Just Five Airports

Coast Guard Health Technician Nathan Wallenmeyer, left, and Customs and Border Protection Supervisor Sam Ko, right, conduct pre-screening measures on a passenger from Sierra Leone at O’Hare International Airport’s Terminal 5 in Chicago.

The US Department of Homeland Security has announced that from today (October 22) arrivals into the United States from West African countries experiencing the Ebola outbreak can only use one of five airports.

The airports are: New York’s John F. Kennedy, Washington’s Dulles, Chicago’s O’Hare, New Jersey’s Newark airport & Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson airports.

These airports are the only ones in the US specially equipped to screen for symptoms of the deadly Ebola virus.

USA Today reports that the new measures currently only affect travelers from Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea.


Oscar Pistorius Has Been Jailed For Five Years For Reeva Steenkamp’s Murder…Is This Just Punishment?



South African Olympics gold medalist Oscar Pistorius has just been sentenced to five years for the murder of his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, whom he killed on Valentine’s Day last year.

The 27-year-old was found guilty of culpable homicide last month, by Judge Thokozile Masipa who ruled the Olympic and Paralympic athlete did not intend to kill his girlfriend when he fired through the bathroom door at his home in Pretoria.

During his sentencing wiped tears from his eyes.


Ebola: Lagos State Issues N50 Million Grant To First Consultant Hospital + Families Of Ebola Victims & Survivors

Shortly after the World Health Organization declared Nigeria Ebola free, yesterday, the Lagos State government revealed they would grant First Consultant Medical Center N50 Million; this is the hospital where the index case Patrick Sawyer was treated and the same hospital Ebola hero Dr Adadevoh worked with before losing her life to the disease.

The state govt also revealed an undisclosed amount would be given to families of the Ebola casualties and survivors as a business support gesture.


Spanish Ebola Nurse Now Disease Free After Being Treated With Human Serum From Survivors



Teresa Romero the Spanish nurse who became the first person on record to contract Ebola outside West Africa has tested negative for the virus.

A second test is required to declare the 44 year old completely Ebola free. She reportedly beat the deadly disease after she was given a human serum containing antibodies from Ebola survivors.


Yay! Nigeria Officially Declared Ebola Free By WHO, But Why Are Countries Like Trinidad & Tobago Denying Nigerians Visas?

1 million Gbosas for Nigeria! Today October 20, 2014 is the day we were officially declared Ebola free by the World Health Organization! Today makes its 42 days with no new cases of Ebola, which means we have successfully contained the deadly virus while countries like the United States, Spain, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea struggle with it!

The WHO rep Rui Gama Vaz (seen above) told reporters during a news conference in Abuja, “Nigeria is now free of Ebola,” prompting a round of applause from other officials.

What Ceasefire? Boko Haram Kill 8 In Borno Barely 24 Hours After Government Announced Ceasefire Agreement



On Friday (Oct. 17) the Nigerian Government announced that they had reached a ceasefire agreement with terror group Boko Haram. [READ HERE IF YOU MISSED IT]

Clearly Boko Haram isn’t here for the ceasefire because barely 24 hours after the ceasefire they attacked a village in Borno state, killing 8 people!

According to Punch, about 20 Boko Haram fighters in two pick-up vans stormed Maikadiri in Abadam Local Government Area, northern part of Borno on Friday evening, shooting into homes.

Can someone tell us the true status of this “ceasefire agreement”? Cos if BH is on board with it why are they still attacking and killing people? The Nigerian government also said as part of the ceasefire agreement BH have agreed to release the over 200 abducted Chibok school girls…it’s been over 48 hours since the ceasefire was announced…they girls haven’t been released!

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