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When Skin Bleaching Goes Wrong…Boys & Girls This Is Why Self Love Is Important!

BleachingGoneTerriblyWrong_that1960chickdotcom copy

BleachingGoneTerriblyWrong_that1960chickdotcom copy

Who’s aunty is this oooo!

I saw this picture on twiter last night. Check out the colour difference in this woman’s face and hands! The picture was shared by a Twitter user @IanStrauss501, who spotted the woman on a train in London! Needless to say the pic has now gone viral. I have blurred out the woman’s eyes to protect her identity.

Did she forget to bleach her hands?! She’s going to need like 1,000 jars of Whitenicious to blend her hands with her face…someone call Dencia to sort this woman out. Or better still love herself regardless of skin colour!


Must Watch: Nigerian Police Office Caught On Camera Demanding Bribe + He Has Been Arrested



This video right here of a Nigerian police man demanding bribe from a motorist is indicative of the deep rooted corruption in Nigeria. As sad as it is to watch the policeman is just a product of the corrupt society that is Nigeria. I’m not by any means condoning what he has done but from the policeman on the street to the senators in government every government official is demanding bribe in some way. The only difference is this guy got caught on tape!

The video of the policeman demanding N25,000 bribe was uploaded yesterday on YouTube immediately went viral. Prompting the Nigerian Police to arrest him in a rare display of disciplinary action. According their Facebook page

“The police admitted the officer is a sergeant attached to the Lagos State Command Motor Traffic Division. The Inspector General of Police IGP MD Abubakar has directed the Commissioner of Police Lagos State to ensure that the orderly room trial is concluded in record time,”

Watch the video after the jump


Fashion Fail: Lady Turns Up At D’Banj DKM Concert Wearing Nothing But Leaves



Yes you read that right…and your eyes are not deceiving you, she is wearing gaddam leaves which she picked from her back garden on her body. The thirst for attention is so real it’s unbelievable or did she think she was attending a halloween party and not a concert?! Sigh…

I don’t know who this “lady” is, but I hear she is an upcoming singer, I guess that explains it. Her leaf couture is a fail of epic porprtions, but at least she is getting some attention on here, and I’m sure some other blogs too will pick up the story

if you know her name kindly drop it in the comments area, it is only fair that we have a name to attach to such a monstrosity.


The Thirst For Fame: Ugandan Singer Iryn Namubiru Lets Fans Touch Her Private Bits (Down There) While Performing



Jesus Take The Wheel! things are happening in this world!

Either Ugandan singer Iryn Namubiru is so fame hungry or she just felt a little freaky while she performed on stage? Whatever was going through her head she decided to allow fans cop a feel (or ten) of her vajayjay during a perfromance a few days ago in the USA.

There is no positive way to spin this, here’s hoping she at least enjoyed the experience…LOL


Basketmouth’s Insensitive Remarks About Dana Air Crash



Nigerians have still not recovered from last year’s tragic Dana Air Crash in Lagos which killed all on board, including some on ground as well. I was over on Bella Naija this morning reading their interview with Basketmouth and was struck by his insensitive (in my opinion) remarks regarding his public support of the airline.

Read what he said after the jump


Must Watch: Nigerian Civil Defence Corps Chief Shows His A$$ Live On National TV…Who Employed This Man? [Video]

Screen shot 2013-03-13 at 11.15.56

Screen shot 2013-03-13 at 11.15.56

This boys & girl’s is a perfect example of how not answer a question on live TV.

In this video, the Chief PR Officer of The Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps Obafaiye Shem  in a live interview on Channels TV Tueday morning, makes a complete fool of himself in what has to be one of the funniest most embarrassing clips ever!

Watch after the jump

Celebrities Need To Be Careful What They Do On Skype: A Case Study Of Iyanya & His Twitter Fan



Early this morning (Naija time) a picture went viral on twitter, of pop star Iyanya having a skype conversation with a random girl (I’m not going to publish her name here) he met on twitter. It would appear said girl posted a screenshot of their Skype conversation to get some attention (cos I really don’t know why she had to post the picture of a private phone call for the world to see?!) But I digress…


Crazy Davido Fan Shows Dedication By Tattooing His Name On Her Back

BBJL0gWCMAEPyzV.jpg-large copy

As Drake famously said on one of his songs “tatt my name so i know it’s real“. And this extreme Davido fan showed how real it was recently. The young lady in question got “HKN Davido” tattooed on her upper back.

Talk about psychotic fan worship! #DUMBSHIT

And they say Beyonce stans are loco?

I can’t even get a boyfriend or husband’s name tattoed, much less an artiste. If I was to ever get a tattoo it would be of family members, but even that na long tin!



The Iyanya, Yvonne Nelson, Tonto Dikeh Messy Love Triangle…Did Yvonne Cheat On Him First? My Thoughts


News reaching me via twitter and my amebo ears is that the 4 – 5 months casual relationship between Iyanya and Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson is over and done with, Yvonne was left with a broken heart after she found out Mr Kurukere was cheating on her with controversial actress Tonto Dikeh!


Video of Nigerian man caught cheating on “Cheaters”

This Nigerian Man”Mr Usman” gets caught red handed creeping by his African American wife and the Cheaters team led by Joey Greco.

Watch the hilarious action as it was all caught on tape, after the jump


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