Full Video Evidence That Bolt & Betty Did The Deed On Day 3 In The Big Brother Africa House

I really want to post a story about the housemates in the BBA house engaging in some positive non s**ual related stuff but it seems that’s all they do in the house…


Leading the charge for the late night hook up sessions is Bolt & Betty from Sierra Leone & Ethiopia respectively. Day 2 in the house & these two were already making out like a bunch of randy teens, it seems the lovebirds couldn’t contain themselves as they went ALL THE WAY the very next day.

A few days ago I asked if they did do the deed after a pic surfaced of Betty lying beside Bolt with nothing on from the waist down [READ THAT STORY HERE] vajayjay all hanging out for the Biggie cameras & the entire continent to see.  And the comments in that post said they did indeed shag.

There was no video evidence to prove it though, for all i know it could have been innocent, maybe he was helping her check something down there. But a video has surfaced! Yes pervs there is a video!

And being that it is my job to give you guys the goss I watched about a minute of the video & yep I can tell you for free, they did smash, make love, nack…whatever you guys are calling it these days. They went all the freaking way, my nicca Bolt hit that on Day 3. Dude is just fast like Usain Bolt…see what I did there?! No ok, back to the main gist.

Judging from the video Bolt & Betty did IT while their fellow housemates were in the room and having a full blown conversation, these two get mind o! They just went at it quietly like nothing was happening. But the look on their faces & suspect movement told a completely different story. Did these guys forget that there are cameras all over the Big Brother House, even in the dark the cameras are still rolling…HELLOOOOO!

So do you wanna see the video?! Watch below

Video of Bolt & Betty 

Download Link




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  • ExoticEyez Mimi

    These set of housemates are just a bunch of horny kids hooking up anyhow. I wonder if they think that will win them Africa’s votes.

  • Anonymous

    useless young boy and girl

    • http://[email protected] samtessa

      shameless f**ken guys.

  • http://betty? ethio-voice

    Betty represent prostitutes and s*x slaves not Ethiopian people. i suggest for big brother, every country representative needs to be check a back ground history.

    I guess her background like this
    1-she is not educated
    2-she didn’t brought in Ethiopia (in Ethiopian culture)
    3-she was prostitute.
    4-she don’t have family,relatives or good friend. She just a rat girl.

    • Anonymous

      u r right i think u deffine betty properly

    • anonymous

      if she repeatedly perform s*x by touch our flag i will kill her becarful

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think you know her well, since what you have said is indicator of hatred alone. She has family, she is educated in English & she teaches in American English School. More over; she teaches English in part time. So, I think you have generalized knowing nothing.

      Next; what both Betty & Bolt have done is not publicly. Rather, BBA have publicized it, since they have CCTV. This implies that BBA is established to put African Children into fun, manifesting their privacy.

  • nodeby

    wat type of boring posture was that!!

  • dawit

    this girl did what she wanted! this is a show (dirty show) not a tele evangelism and leave her alone to go all the way to victory … of-course, i will surely support that she gives up her teaching career if she’s in charge of kids and adolescents in particular. she can still teach adults though.

    as an Ethiopian I ask you all other Ethiopians to take it easy on her. What were you expecting from a locked up house full of testosterone and estrogen? don’t watch the show if you can’t handle the contents!

    • Anonymous

      Hi, what we expect? We can tal you, an Ethiopian behaviour, we want her to show the world that this part I mean what she have done is not aloud. Look every BB they have done, I mean those ppl who can’t control themself. But they all did under blanket. That is there problame. What surprised me is she said again and again it is a game.
      If she is strong enough to face what Ethiopins act wait and see. In every country there is low.
      The nation all over the world talking, very angry as if one of his sis, a daughter did this cause as she said she represent Ethiopia. Betty isn’t the first Ethiopian in BB go back from the start BB africa you wil find out how Ethiopias look like. See how the other Ethiopian guy act, in the hous now. you think he is shy? No his culture makes him to be reserved. We Africanc we all have our own culture. What she have done isn’t acceptable at all sorry.

  • David

    The next video I want to watch is Betty hanging herself on the ceiling. She is just a frigid prostitute who don’t even feel when a d**k is farming her unclean p***y. What a boring dead b***h!!!

    • Teefah Rozay

      Common dude! Hang herself? That’s harsh & uncalled for.

  • Jiksa

    You mother f**ker dirty women doing dirty things! I can’t believe it. Are you from this great people with great culture? I doubt you did tell your carrier correctly. What a teacher?! What role model?! You would rather die than comeback home!!! He played you b***h you never represent this great nation.

    • http://kgrg abel

      I think betty has done with emotions. I such situation it is not possible to control self hence what she did is correct. If she is voluntary I will merry her. She great and knows what love means. Betty please do not afraid am your fun and I wanna merry you.

  • Culsoul

    Anchi yetalian shermuta

    • Anonymous

      The joke and shame is on her.Nobady is saying anything about the boy. Every one do this at one point.But not like this in front of the worlds eye,Unless one is a p**n STAR. Means she is a p**n STAR. It is difficalt to say otherwise, because she make it look like it is her job. The way how fast it is and her not bothering about the image she is giving off her nation. Even the p**n stars dont dare to do this if they are being trusted by their country.I CANT FIND A WORTHY WORD FOR HER. All the betty’s in Ethiopia find another name and change ur name !!!!…………

  • tray

    yoh yoh yoh now dic is an embarrassment 2her country gal get ur grib on eew

  • ZEKI


  • Gemechis

    Most of girls did such kind of tasks ,like Betty in hidden but Betty is violating the culture and did openly that is the only her mistake!!!



    • Anonymous

      Yes she had to watch BB well to b in BB. Stupid didn’t she know dat there is a powerful camera dat can take in de dark? Or her felling book her mind?

  • east africa

    Our culture must be respected. Betty I am really sorry for ur family specially ur mother.

    • Anonymous

      Her mother was very upset by the news. She said enemies do this? Which enemy she is talking? Her enmy is her uncontroble felling sorry.

  • Belay zeleke

    dam ass bety,

  • Anonymous

    There should either be age limit for bba shows or such s*xual acts shall result in automatic eviction of participants. Ethiopian law may find her guilty and she may endure years of perscusion.

  • http://[email protected] Gangsta Kay

    BBA is a game and s*x is also a game so stop talking trash ’bout Betty as it if ya’ll ain’t doing it. You fake be talking and acting naïve. Talking ’bout Ethopia this Ethopia that, f**k that and let the game roll. Betty play how u feel like, after all is a matter of win or losse situation. U go girl

    • Anonymous

      go and f**k u’r sister, mother f**ker

    • Anonymous

      Gangsta, I don’t think u ar Ethiopian, if u ar, u might understand wt we ar talking. We Ethiopians have our culture, if someone do something silly like her as u c all de nation is up. So if u ar not Ethiopian shuuuush ok.

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  • From Etiopia

    This is such a funny story…….who cares!!!??? and the rest of u , just mind u own business…..why are you even watching the show if you are big advocates of ”culture and norms”. just back off the poor girl! she needs help not resentments and death threats!!! and btw, guys please check ur language!! some of you are much more nastier than her!

  • i

    I am so sorry Betty, you put you self this bad sioation , ethi people very jagmental disrespactfull , u made big mistak , I hope u learn

  • Anonymous

    hi betty, I just want to tell you, since the innocent happing, it is hard to go back ethio, u need to figerour out , b

    • Anonymous

      Go wiz bolt if it is ok wiz wife. He wil b in big problame 2. Dat means boath wil b homeless lol south africa get ready to give assylem.

  • Anonymous

    hi betty, I just want to tell you, since the innocent happing, it is hard to go back ethio, u need to figerour out , b

  • Anonymous

    hi betty, I just want to tell you, since the innocent happing, it is hard to go back ethio, u need to figerour out , b

    • Anonymous

      Betty is not represent Ethiopian people in any case! She is just a shameless, mindless &aimless prostitute. I wonder if she comes back to live in the community she insulted by doing this trash & evil did in front of the world.

  • Belayneh Bezabih

    Shame for Betty l’m afraid of you

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  • Anonymous

    I wonder if natasha will be saved dis time

    • http://[email protected] zeinu

      what else we expect from a betch?

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  • senait nigatu

    you are whore what she doing in front of camera is she make p**no omg she kill all Ethiopian girl biche /anch shermuta semachinn lemelaw alem ….min ayinet beteseb endasadegat bawke dese yilegnal weyne gud minwa fetatawa ena ensesawa nate egzere yirdash …..

    • Anonymous

      Let me put it this way,how what she did affects all Ethiopian women image. A foreigner girl was greeting me while she were with some man with her and I don’t know how she saw it but she said I got interested on the man more than her. Guess what she said to me, “you Ethiopian girls oh my God”. I really blame Betty and her likes for such image on us. Am glad she is in court now! She need to get punished so others won’t do same mistake!

      • Anonymous

        Hi , where did u get this info dat she is in court??? They said what she have done can take her 3years in jall. In Ethiopin low. Doing wt she have done in reality TV. Anyway if she find out dis she might not go back. So she will b a p**n star free.

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  • Anonymous

    Unacceptable act.un ethiopia.

    • chixy

      Wow,u lot cnt evn write proper English,I had migraines tryna read ur comments,gosh!.

  • Anonymous

    Big brother is all about entertainment_the back stabbing_lies_fighting_gossip. And the s*x between bolt and betty _thats what keeps glued on our tvs_if you dint like it don’t watch it_thats why its only for over 18_africa stop being judgemental_

  • Anonymous

    Lemin ati mochim ?

  • http://B Solomon

    Betty you are a SNAKE. You don’t have class what so ever? I heard you are a teacher, no wonder Ethiopian education is going down… A whore like you teaching those innocent children, don’t you have a bit of conscious that your students would get hurt by this. I am sure you are one of the weapon the TPLF/Shabya boys use to humiliate Ethiopia and Ethiopians!
    Betty you are a trash, snake, melisious, disgusting, whore, cheap slut!!! Balage wolage asedabi, banchi deme sew sente Kume neger yeseral anchi agere tasedebyalesh. Worada

  • sweetness

    You alll who criticise betty r bloody hypocrite!!! You even do worse n for d ethopian idiots who wanna prosecute her r d worst hypocrites on earth. Let d girl be