Twitter Files: Kemistry vs Wale

There was some twitter drama a couple of days ago between Kemistry, former Rhythm 93.7 DJ and US rapper Wale. It all started with a tweet Kemistry sent to Wale saying Nigerian’s especially artistes feel Wale snubs their tweets, see the rest of the convo below.

Anyways Kemistry later addressed the twitter beef on her web radio show, saying she was just passing on a message to Wale (which i didn’t see any problem with), she also said nothing was said about boycotting his music or encouraging anyone to do so, and she still has nothing but love for him and his music.

Note: Wale has collaborated with Naeto C on the Ki Ni big deal remix, but i guess Naija artistes feel he could be doing so much more. Case in point Akon & Wyclef who always show love and support emerging talent from their respective country’s of origin.

I am of the view that Wale definitely could be doing a lot more, he  does identify with Nigeria, and reps Naija to some extent,  at least he doesn’t deny he is of Nigerian descent, unlike Taio Cruz, who denied it for so long, and doesn’t even address! But we need to remember that unlike Akon & Wyclef, he doesn’t produce his music or run his own label, despite an impressive first album he still hasn’t achieved the same level of success they have, as such he doesn’t have total control of his image.


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